Wholesale Double Sided Tape, Customised Packaging Tape Manufacturers, OEM/ODM Masking Tape Wholesale Supplier
Wholesale Double Sided Tape, Customised Packaging Tape Manufacturers, OEM/ODM Masking Tape Wholesale Supplier

Excellent Quality & Eco-friendly Adhesive Tape

Yitape adhesive tape includes safety tape, anti slip tape, reflective safety tape, floor tape, barricade tape, double tape, tissue tape, foam tape, glue dot tape, packing tape, waterproof tape, rubber tape, masking tape, drywall tape, automotive masking tape, glow in the dark tape, painter tape, foil tape, duct tape, electrical insulation tape, die cut tape, plastic protection film...... Widely used in packing, car painting, electronic, decoration, home painting, warning, protection etc.


Here are the advantages of adhesive tapes:

1. 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, no smell, odorless, skin approachable.

2. Long time life span, wear-resisting, strong bonding, high biscosity, safe, waterproof and oil resistance, have good dimension stability, can be recycled,flexible etc.

3. Bureau Veritas, ISO 9001 certified.

4. Easy to apply and remove.


If you're interested in these adhesive tapes, please inquiry now, we will email you our product E-catalog and provide you with oem/odm/custom service, and get you discount factory directly price.             

Contact us to ask free samples and get E-catalog as soon as you can.

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