3 m double-sided adhesive using range is introduced

by:YITAP     2020-09-13

tape products wholesale market, we can according to need to buy, now 3 m double-sided adhesive for superior performance, more and more wide application range, then we began to understand the scope of 3 m double-sided adhesive. First of all, non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive and good processability, long-term heat resistance generally - 70 100-80 ℃, short-term heat resistance 120 ℃, the thickness of the general is 0. 08 - 0. 15 mm, the main applicable Yu Ming board, plastic laminating, and industries such as cars, mobile phones, electrical appliances, toy, home appliances and electronic instrument parts assembly also can appear the figure of it; Then there is no substrate double-sided adhesive has excellent adhesion to prevent fall off with excellent waterproof performance, good workability, good temperature resistance, mainly used Yu Ming board, panel, decoration of the adhesive. Is more than 3 m double-sided adhesive using range of related introduction, hope for your help, also welcome you to inquire us tape wholesale manufacturers, there are professional knowledge and the high quality product sales.
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