Private Label

Yihong Company concentrate on developing adhesive tape and film industry, which is already becoming one of the largest adhesive tape manufacture in China.Yihong Company  reliably produces the custom-made tape solutions to streamline your business and complement your portfolio.

Talk to us if you want to expand your product range. We will provide you the best solution accordingly to your needs.

Yihong Company  is your strategic partner when it comes to manufacturing private label tapes.

Choose your tape

Discuss your project with our experts and benefit from the unique application and product know-how of one of China’s leading producers of masking tape. We develop the tape solutions, off-the-shelf or tailor-made, which perfectly match the commercial objectives for your market, application and positioning. Choose your tape and decide its color, width and length.

Design your tape core

We can brand your product down to the smallest detail. You decide where, how and up to which point. Let’s start with the tape cores. The part which will always remain visible for everybody using the tape. We offer two options for your core design:

A: Neutral tape core

B: Custom tape core

Choose your standard shrink packaging

Quality wrapping gives extra protection, improves product appeal and ensures safe transport. In addition, shrink packaging saves storage space making it an ideal money-saving solution. If required, barcode labels can be applied. These are your options:

A: Individual roll wrap, neutral

B: Tower pack

C: Small tower pack

D: Sealing bag

Except for the sealing bag all labels can be applied on all packaging options as listed at step 3.

Create your branded packaging

How are your products presented? An eye-catching packaging plays an important role in defining the perceived customer value of your product and is a primary success factor at the POS, both for revenue and customer acquisition. These options make sure your packaging perfectly matches the product’s overall positioning:

A: Printed box

B: Euro hook cuff

C: Cardboard cuff

D: Flow wrap

E: Euro hook flow wrap

F: Individual roll wrap (sleeve) printed

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