Adhesive tape in the process of manufacturing equipment

by:YITAP     2020-08-10

wholesale products is actually have a lot of tape, suitable for many different construction work, and in the production of adhesive tape, what equipment do you need to use to?

a is cut with boot, is actually a kind of used to cut tape, protective film, plastic sheet material of machinery, it has cut way is different, can divide again automatic adhesive tape cutting boot and manual tape cutting boot. Slitting machine is a longitudinal incision on wide roll material equipment, which is the mainstream products in packaging equipment at present. Laminating machine rolling equipment, coating equipment, transmission contains pressurized equipment, each big machinery, such as driving motor is generally fully automatic laminating machine, mainly for small displays and small touch components and the design and manufacture.

and rewinding machine, usually can be made of packing tape to make roll often seen on the market, through the man-machine interface, automatic spray adhesive, frequency control of motor speed, a complete sealing side, trim, operation is very convenient.

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