Any request the storage tape

by:YITAP     2020-07-28

if we purchase a large amount of tape from tape factory products, at the time of use needs to be saved up, this is a requirement for there are many.

for different varieties, different models, specifications, and different intensity and layers of cloth tape, can't be used together. For adhesive tape type, specification, need according to the using and the specific conditions for rational selection. Should be avoided in the sun, the rain place to store, pay attention to not contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, try to keep clean and dry, in - at the room temperature 15℃- Between 40 ℃. Also, tape should be a place, can't fold, storage time is too long to remember each season turn once; Don't make tape snaking;

if it is found that in the process of using tape early damage phenomenon, should be timely repair, to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences, to avoid foreign matter also lead to broken happens to tape.

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