Characteristics and application of the water-based double-sided tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-19

water-based double-sided tape, adhesive tape factory is one of the product type of double-sided tape, the characteristics of balance between ordinary double-sided tape and oily double-sided tape.

on the characteristics of water-based double-sided tape, main show is in the initial moisture, the moisture, stick relay on, are very durable, and adapt to a wide range, has insulation effect, most material goods, water-based double-sided tape can play its role. And resistance to aging performance is good, once felt, as long as it's not artificial tear, generally will not fall off. Its storage is very convenient and can be kept in a dry clean warehouses in a year.

also more extensive application of water-based double-sided tape, like fixed in insulation materials, insulation materials, electrical components, circuit boards and other electronic industrial use, widely used for bonding, fixed and laminating.

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