Choose tape factor to consider

by:YITAP     2020-07-28

at the time of tape factory buy tape, concern has a lot of, want to consider to paste properties of microporous, because tape paste function, is the tape adhesive on the surface of water.

also want to consider adhesive on the surface of the adhesive tape, adhesive tape on the bottom with coated with adhesive, is usually to fully dry again after finishing rolls, if glue with too wet, the tape itself would have been a very tight stick together, hard to open when using, so in the choice of time will be more careful. Different purposes will use different adhesive tape, such as use cream-colored tape, sealing with packing tape, stationery tape is used in the study, when decorate use foam tape, special tape used in traffic warning, repair wire use special insulating tape, when there are high temperature adhesive tape and so on.

also check tape of raw materials, different raw materials in the production of adhesive tape, are also different in terms of quality, raw materials determines the toughness of the adhesive tape, security, service life, only high quality raw materials, to produce high quality products.

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