Choose the tape method is introduced

by:YITAP     2020-08-21

tape manufacturers selling the product, bring great convenience to our life, but with the development of the adhesive tape industry, some inferior tape also appeared on the market, so we should how to choose the high quality of tape?

the first thing to consider is to paste the properties of microporous, because tape paste function, are water surface adhesive tape, glue on the tape after infiltration paste content in dry quickly and make tape paste material part, so the paste content on the surface of microporous sex is very important to the choice of adhesive tape. Second, the need to consider adhesive on the surface of the adhesive tape, adhesive tape on the bottom with coated with adhesive, is usually to fully dry again after finishing rolls.

if glue with too wet, the tape itself would have been a very tight stick together, hard to open when using, some can't use, so it will be more careful in the choice.

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