Crepe tape main classification is introduced

by:YITAP     2020-09-11
We can learn a lot in the process of tape purchase kinds of tape, so today let's follow the tape to know about the crepe tape main classification. First of all, if depending on the viscosity, it can be divided into low viscosity textured tape, stick in the crepe tape and viscous crepe tape. Second, if according to different materials, he can be divided into single common crepe tape and compound crepe tape the two types. Again, if according to different purposes, can be divided into spray paint textured tape, tin crepe tape. In addition, if according to the different temperature, it can also be divided into low temperature crepe tape and high-temperature crepe tape. Through introducing the above our tape manufacturer, you can learn about the different textured tape main classification requirements? We sincerely welcome your visit here.
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