Excitant gas coming from the scotch tape is toxic

by:YITAP     2020-07-27

many offices, logistics company factory will use cellophane tape for some packaging packaging work, some adhesive tape will exude an excitant smell of glue, tape manufacturer for you to solve this kind of excitant gas is poisonous.

scotch tape is composed of adhesives and film production, how many there will be the smell of glue or glue additive, it has a tiny poison, but generally will not affect to the user. Many tape manufacturer in production can not wearing surgical masks, others use tape between the teeth off, have never heard such poisoning. Thus, a little smell given out by the high quality transparent tape almost can be ignored, there is no harm to human body.

usually we use it depends on what is tape, adhesive tape have ROHS mark on the package, basic is environmental protection, but now only tape manufacturers in order to reduce costs with the smell of the inferior glue so big. If it is a special packing tape, normally is not toxic.

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