Introduce double-sided tape related knowledge

by:YITAP     2020-08-07
In our daily life, the use of tape has been more and more, the double sided tape is widely welcomed, just follow our tape below wholesale manufacturers understand the knowledge of related together. Double-sided tapes are made of paper, cloth, plastic film as the backing material, then the elastic body pressure sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly coated in the roll of tape, on the base material is composed of base material, adhesive, isolation paper ( Film) Of three parts. According to the gum can be divided into solvent adhesive tapes ( Oily double-sided adhesive) Type, emulsion adhesive tape ( Water-based double-sided adhesive) , hot melt adhesive tape, rolling type adhesive tape, reactive adhesive tape. Different double-sided tape all have their own different USES normative, we wholesale tape manufacturer here remind you before use must know about the related conditions of use.
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