Knowledge introduction of oily double-sided tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-18

oily double-sided tape is one of the types of adhesive tape products, has its specific application field, let's look at the main content of it.

oily double-sided tape mainly based on the material of paper, cloth, plastic film, then put the elastic body pressure sensitive adhesive or uniform resin pressure-sensitive adhesive, coating roll on the base material made of adhesive tape. Some of its performance is higher than ordinary double-sided tape, the price is also high and water-based double-sided tape, mainly used in leather, pearl cotton, sponge, shoe products such as glue, heat resistant, cold resistant, high peel strength, low initial viscosity, water resistant, oil resistant and solvent, drug resistance and other characteristics of the varieties of pressure sensitive adhesive.

total oily double-sided tape thickness is 0. 1 mm, can set the width is not more than 1. 24 meters; And on its color, generally is translucent.

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