Main properties of the foam tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-18

tape wholesale of foam tape, is a kind of adhesive tape with sealing, damping effect is, it is based on EVA or PE foam substrate, on the one side or two sides are coated with solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive paper again to mold manufacturing and into.

on the features, the foam tape have excellent sealing, avoid gas release and atomization; Excellent resistance to compression deformation, the elastic have persistence, can ensure that the parts get long-term shock protection; Has the flame retardancy, do not contain harmful toxic substances, not residue, not pollution equipment, metal corrosive; Surface has excellent invasive, easy adhesion, easy to manufacture, easy cutting.

and their viscosity for a long time, large stripping, initial adhesion is strong, good corrosion resistance performance. Waterproof, solvent resistance, high temperature resistant, in curved surface has good docile, foam adhesive tape can be used in a variety of temperature range.

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