Make several kinds of glue tape used

by:YITAP     2020-09-12

in tape wholesale products production process, there are different types of glue that can be used, so what are the types?

is a kind of light curing instant dry glue, generally used to have very high demand for appearance lit base material of adhesive, also can be used to cure too much glue. Is a kind of low bleaching low odour instant dry glue, it is sensitive to the appearance and the use of low odor demand, suggest use special formula of low albino instant dry glue. And flexible instantaneous drying glue, when bonding components needs to accept will be twists and turns of the load, flexible instantaneous adhesive can cut part of the stress, have gathered to improve the uniformity of deformation of parts. Of bicomponent instant dry glue, bicomponent technology makes rapid solidification under large gap filling. The goods of a general work closely for the parts or need to use large amounts of adhesive.

there is shock transient dry glue, elastomer modified instant dry glue can have very good impact resistance; Another is high temperature resistant instant glue, it can be a long time and heat-resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius, short-term heat resistance and can reach 140 degrees Celsius.

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