Masking tape is a kind of what kind of products

by:YITAP     2020-08-25

with the rapid development of science and technology, adhesive tape products industry innovation may also appear constantly, now tape factory will produce a kind of masking tape, we learn about the:

we learn first that the masking tape is a kind of metallic foil with high conductive back glue or conductive cloth, conductive back its full of conductive adhesive and conductive substrate composition, can with any metal surface in bonding way, complete electric overlap and gap of electric closed. It can be used to seal the EMI shielding room, the seams of the shell and electronic equipment, winding cable shielding, provide reliable grounding surface, provide electrical contact to not welding surface.

the use of masking tape performance is very good, but also economical and practical, easy to use, can be said to be a very good shielding material.

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