Scotch tape does not have insulation

by:YITAP     2020-09-08

tape manufacturers selling to remind the broad masses of users, scotch tape used in our daily life does not have insulation, as a result, many people in line will rupture with transparent tape package is not the right thing to do, unsafe, today we are going to understand the related content.

according to introducing, using scotch tape line packages this method is not recommended, because there is no transparent tape insulation, on the contrary, the binder on the tape also has good electrical conductivity, to bind up with its line of joint or lesions, are still large hidden trouble for safety; At the same time, the fire and two line bandaging bare place with transparent tape at the same time, stick together, also may cause a short circuit, fire, light burn out circuit and power equipment, or burning houses, consequence is unimaginable.

in the case of a line break, so, we should use the insulating tape wrapped, scotch tape and the function of the insulation, that we need to pay attention to.

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