Several methods of choose and buy tape

by:YITAP     2020-07-27

tape is widely used in our life not only, and are used in all walks of life, but when we purchased in adhesive tape factory, be sure to check good quality problems.

one way is to smell the smell, if the smell is very strong, has a sour taste, this tape retention is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, basic stick on the carton will be cracking. Then we can see the brightness of the membrane, generally inferior tape color is dark. Also can see the handle membrane thickness, good adhesive tape chooses membrane are soft, good tensile staying power by hand. And the color of it, general appearance color more white transparent tape, adhesive tape impurity is less, so as to ensure normal adhesiveness.

only when the quality excellent adhesive tape products, to ensure that we use effect, or in the process of use will appear a lot of unexpected circumstances.

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