Use double-sided adhesive the note

by:YITAP     2020-08-30
Adhesive tape manufacturers selling tells us that a lot of people at the time of tape wholesale, will be more inclined to double-sided tape, this is because the use of double-sided adhesive range is very wide, and its adaptability is also very good. Below will use double-sided adhesive and share with you the note. Before using double-sided adhesive tape, it is better to look at the side of the double sided tape whether there is a wound knife phenomenon, in general, qualified products there is no wound knife phenomenon. When using double-sided adhesive tape, we need to see double-sided tape without from type paper on one side, whether be overwritten sundry, if any, needs to be removed, and then to stick to the surface, otherwise will affect the viscosity. If both sides double-sided tape is very dry, do not contain gum, which showed that the tape has appeared quality problem. Double sided tape is now widely used in stationery, electronics, automotive trim fixed, footwear, paper, handicrafts paste positioning, etc. Our factory has been working hard to improve product performance, welcome everybody to come to consult the choose and buy.
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