Use tape storage knowledge

by:YITAP     2020-09-01

tape factory products, using range is very wide, not only in the life is very common, but also a good helper of logistics packaging.

if you want to play to the role of the tape, when storing tape, not can be placed fold belt, must want to place the tape rolled up to, if the storage time is too long, you need every quarter turn tape again. Can't put the different specifications, the strength of varieties, and the layers of cloth tape mix, in the store is in the warehouse, and avoid tape. When use found traces of adhesive tape has been damaged, to find the reason and repair in time.

in order to make the adhesive tape to avoid rupture, if the tape in production to maintain good cleanliness, and when loading and unloading conveyer belt, in order to avoid that the belt edge damaged, you need to is by the crane, so you can keep the tape from damage.

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