Warning tape?

by:YITAP     2020-08-08
We wholesale tape manufacturer able to provide you with a variety of adhesive tape type, let's follow the tape wholesale manufacturers to introduce warning tape for you. First of all, the warning tape has the waterproof, moistureproof, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic wait for an advantage, can be used for ordinary cement floor, rather than the ground paint for easy operation. Then, warning tapes can be used to the ground, pillar, construction, transportation and other areas of warning signs; Can also be applied to air pipe, water pipe, oil pipe, such as underground protection. In addition, tape wholesale and remind you that our logo tape used for division, called marking tape or regional tape; When used as a warning, warning tape, but in fact both are the same thing.
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Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. has a wide variation of including 3m safety tape, custom packing tape and 3m safety tape, etc.
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