We pay attention to use glass fiber cloth tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-13

glass fiber cloth tape has superior adhesion stress, strength, resistance to tear feature, when using the need to pay attention to what? We can know about the tape factory.

before stick glass fiber cloth tape, must maintain clean, dry and wall with cracks in the glass fiber cloth tape and pressure. Need to confirm the gap has been covered, glass fiber cloth tape more tape measure with a knife and cut off, the last brush on mortar. Let glass fiber cloth tape dry naturally, then gently burnish, fill enough paint, make its surface smooth, to remove leakage of glass fiber cloth tape. Also notice all the cracks have been properly patched, around the seams with subtle composite modification, so that it is bright and clean like new.

thermal stability of the glass fiber cloth tape, can work under 180 degrees Celsius for a long time, can withstand high temperature, 260 degrees Celsius, short time and it tear resistant, soft cohesive force is strong, not easy to deformation, surface protection paste is suitable for various profiles.

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