We pay attention to when using the double sided tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-01

the application of double sided tape in our daily life is very broad, how the quality of it, will directly affect the product use function, so the tape factory choice should pay attention to check.

in slitting double-sided adhesive tape, if cutting tool adjustment is not appropriate or not sharp edge, cracks will appear in the above, so it is important to note that a careful check. Then, the edge is bright and clean, no damage, is the basis of determining double-sided tape, so we must pay attention to the edge of the double-sided tape before use factors such as whether bright and clean. Edge double-sided tape adhesion, will cause the waste in the process of machining surface paper, cannot normal production, it is also need to be aware of.

for double-sided tape quality check, can also use the hand to strip away if there is not smooth edge or other part of uniform strip away part of the especially pay attention to see if the bottom paper coated silicon leakage.

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