What about the technology used by Yichang?
The technology embraced by Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. now is the most appropriate. The investment into technology is very huge annually. In the future, we'll update the technology in order to keep up with the world's development.

Among many competitors, Yichang is one of the most outstanding ones. We are engaged in the development and production of best drywall tape. The adhesive tape series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. It is thoroughly checked by the experts in order to ensure reliable performance without any flaws. Its adhesive force will not die away after long-time use. Yichang can provide solutions that is determined to make business sense and have business value. The product is known for its extraordinary sealing.

Yichang will continue to strive towards the goal of domestic first-class waterproof tape company. Check now!
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