What advantage of sealing tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-27

tape wholesale products have many specifications, appearance should be uniform, no obvious crease and distortion, no color difference, for the packing tape water said, what are the advantages?

first, packing tape, fixed ability is very strong, even if only a small pressure, also can firmly cement on the workpiece, and the sealing tape easily from the tape off, there will not be stretched and rato phenomenon. Then, the use of packing tape zag ability is very strong, can complete the change of the curve shape, convenient hand feels very smooth, not when you push hard on the stimulus. Another point, packing tape there won't be lobes phenomenon occurs, adhesive tape on the back of material and prevent solvent penetration.

in order to guarantee the stability of the performance of the sealing tape, adhesive tape storage should be interesting, ventilation, to ensure that the next would be able to use.

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