What are the characteristics of high temperature adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-07-23

we find in the tape wholesale, high temperature adhesive tape is divided into many types, including PET spraying high temperature adhesive tape, high temperature resistant adhesive tape of the lacquer that bake, high temperature polyimide adhesive tape and so on.

on properties, high temperature tape has particularity, it is high temperature resistant, can heat resistance - 70 Between 320 degrees, it can resist breakdown voltage, able to withstand voltage 5 kw - 50 kw, will not affect the protection, to ensure that the goods produce power. It also has corrosion resistance that can be used as pipe protection for a long time, and it is also resistant to acid and alkali, can be applied to acid and alkali in the environment protection. In addition, this kind of tape it can also be anti-static, can be used as a LED backlight sunscreen protection, applied to the production of need esd protection process, not because of electrostatic damage to goods.

high temperature tape and ordinary tape, difference is very big still, so at the time of use, must distinguish them, so as to avoid misuse.

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