What are the characteristics of the sealing tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-26

packing tape is one of the products of adhesive tape factory, also has a very wide range of applications, and its features include what respect?

packing tape with instantaneous adhesive force, namely stick namely; Fixed ability is very good, even if only a small pressure, can also according to the requirement the cementation on the workpiece; Easy to tear off from the coil, and there will be no tape stretch and drag the phenomenon; Can easily adapt to snap the shape of the curve; Very smooth to the touch, pressure will not stimulate the hand with the hand, this is smooth. And after the jie in addition to not leave adhesive; Back to prevent solvent penetration; Can stretch along the curve surface and there will not be bounce back off phenomenon; There will not be a sliver of the phenomenon.

in addition, packing tape in a controlled manner and pull away from the coil, neither too loose nor too tight, it won't leave the edge of the thick accumulation.
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