What are the linyi tape storage requirements

by:YITAP     2020-08-28

traditionally bopp adhesive tape factory, on the basis of the original film, after high voltage corona, make its surface rough, then coated with glue and article points into small volume, can be made into tape.

but need to pay attention to when storing tape, avoid exposure to high temperature, because the tape in high temperature does have glue phenomenon. Also should avoid sun and rain, the sun can cause tape yellow, performance will be weakened at the same time, the rain will lower its adhesiveness, to avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, because of the effect of chemicals on the tape is also very big. And ensure that the environment of dry and clean, clean up is very convenient, storage time is long, will turn on a regular basis.

by the brightness of the adhesive tape film see the stand or fall of quality, inferior adhesive tape film color will be dark, the adhesive tape easy to fracture, and high quality tape color is white, less impurities, this tape adhesiveness is better, this is when the choose need to be aware of.

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