What are the requirements for the quality of the kraft paper tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-15

tape factory in the production of kraft paper tape, generally is kraft paper as the backing material, coated with glue in the side, make its have the viscous form a strong adhesive tape.

for its quality also is very strict, in appearance, kraft paper tape solution after, do not allow the damage of base material or tear. If it is grade a, two side should be smooth, slightly cracks, deformation and glue, allowed to have a joint; Requires no serious cracks, deformation and the phenomenon such as glue. The physical properties of the kraft paper tape are also should comply with the relevant provisions. Can be seen through the above technical requirements of the kraft paper tape is very strict, has been basically can meet the daily needs. In performance, it should also have strong waterproof, viscosity, high tensile strength, good retention, become warped edge, weather resistance.

only after all meet the requirements in these aspects, kraft paper tape can be widely used in many fields, but before use must be gelling material on the surface of a clear water, dirt and grease.

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