What factors will lead to tape aging

by:YITAP     2020-08-29

tape has great help in our life, but the tape factory reminds us that at the time of use, aging problem need to pay attention to it.

like the aging speed of oxygen will accelerate tape, oxygen content in the air can reach twenty percent, so in the process of using, should try to ensure that tape inside do not have bubbles, also to ensure that the tape surface can't see the bubbles appear. Then, uv irradiation will also accelerate the ageing of the tape, the sun inside contains ultraviolet ray, ultraviolet the viscous material in high temperature quickly decompose tape, so in the use of adhesive tape and storage, the first need to try to avoid in the sunshine illuminate, such ability can let the tape can be used more lasting.

all in all, at the time of storage tape, must pay attention to the environmental temperature suitability, overheating of the environment, is the deadly killer of tape, serious still can make tape lose its application effect.

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