What ingredients including adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-02

in the process of production of adhesive tape, the adhesive tape of composition, of course, is the need to understand clearly, this is related to tape wholesale and the quality of the products.

basic material is the most basic components of glue, is also one of composition of scotch tape. Then the curing agent, it is the basic material hardening for solid material, is the main element of the glue. And toughening agent, it can increase the toughness of the rubber, improve the shock resistance of rubber, stripping resistance, resistance to bending ability, reduce the curing reaction heat and shrinkage. Another is thinner, it can reduce the viscosity of glue, make it easy to operate, and invasive and fluidity of rubber. The last is packing, add filler in rubber, can improve the mechanical properties of the adhesive.

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