What is a heat sealing tape?

by:YITAP     2020-09-13
Now heat sealing tape is widely applied in winter coat, ski clothes, down jacket, sailing, diving suits, tents, car covers, raincoat, motorcycle raincoats, waterproof shoes and other related supplies series and spacesuit, the lift-off balloon, the chemical protective clothing and other protection air system products. Just below the tape factory introduce what is heat sealing tape for you. In the 20th century, only a handful of countries in the world to use, the material is so expensive, only in the military industry more developed countries, such as the United States and the Soviet union have appeared, and its only used in aerospace science and technology. Heat sealing tape is the use of special equipment ( Hot air seam sealing machine or high frequency welder) Heating, suture in raincoats, tents, waterproof, prevent gas series of products such as lift-off balloon knitted rib pinhole, seal ( Leak prevention, leak prevention) The effect of a tape. Above is introduced the relevant knowledge, our company adhering to the 'innovation, the pursuit of excellence, rapid improvement, sustainable management' business philosophy; And to 'quality is the first work', 'customer satisfaction is our honor as our forever quality policy.
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