What is the characteristics of the transparent sealing tape

by:YITAP     2020-07-27

in the tape wholesale, transparent packing tape is common type, its application is very extensive, it has a lot to do with its own characteristics.

first, transparent sealing tape thickness thin, good cost performance, transparent appearance, double-sided adhesive, non-toxic, tasteless, good safety. Second, transparent packaging tape easy to use, high efficiency, buffering high strength, good resistance to shrinkage, puncture resistant, laceration resistant performance is good. Third, can trademark LOGO on the plastic surface printing enterprises and enterprise name, etc. , have the effect of counterfeit and improve enterprise well-knownness. Fourth, these can make transparent packaging glue cracking-resisting heavyweight the transport of goods, so as to guarantee the safety of the goods.

this is about the relevant knowledge of transparent sealing tape, we can also other types of adhesive tape of choose and buy wholesale, all have their own characteristics.

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