What is the difference between scotch tape and color tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-08

tape wholesale product type has a lot of, also has a unique advantage in the application, if it is a color tape and transparent tape, of course, is also different.

in particular, scotch tape glue is adopted by the acrylic resin glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, main component is tincture fat, fat and tincture is a kind of polymer material, temperature had certain influence on molecular activity. Glue the tincture of fat content directly affects the usage of duct tape. For color tape, in fact is mainly for the convenience of marking and shielding purposes, beige and yellow more commonly. With color is the color of the tape glue additive OARS made them with the color of the glue.

if the scotch tape to stick pinched, then quickly pulled open, can be on one side of the glue to pull out, you can see the purity of the original film and transparency, which should pay attention to.

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