What is the distinguishing feature of cotton paper double-sided tape

by:YITAP     2020-08-20

tape wholesale the cotton paper double-sided tape, generally is easy tear gauze fiber as base material, the high viscosity of the melt double-sided glue, and compounded with double parting paper.

on the characteristics, the cotton paper double-sided tape has the anti-rebound, warping, good heat resistance, temperature tolerance, but also has strong stick relay and hold moisture, for a variety of base material has better cohesiveness, convenient and easy tear, use clean. It to rough surface, the oil surface, chemical fiber, cotton cloth material such as good viscosity. Cotton paper paste, double-sided adhesive tape for surface is suitable for punching type, name plate, membrane switch paste, can be used for laminating logos, photos, envelope, hooks, etc.

note that cotton paper double-sided tape must be stored in a dry cleaning warehouse, avoid and organic solvents, sharp objects during storage, nor rolling and throws. In addition, it also can be used in leather making paper, Ming edition, handicrafts, stationery and general paste in the family.

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