What is the distinguishing feature of duct tape and USES

by:YITAP     2020-08-25

tape duct tape in the wholesale, also has its specific areas, today we will know the duct tape is mainly the characteristics and USES.

due to the surface of the duct tape adhesive tape is made from polyethylene PE membrane complex, so has the characteristics of relatively smooth surface, and have the function of waterproof, prevent oil, widely used in the open air outdoor, such as: stick carpet, lawn, and other functions. Duct tape color is rich, full range, thus can be used in different occasions, to distinguish between identity. Duct tape also has high viscosity, so is widely used in carpet of booth decoration, can play a role strapping, stitching, etc.

duct tape also has the characteristics of strong stripping force, tensile resistance, so it is widely used in large heavy packing sealing.
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