What is the quality performance of high temperature adhesive tape

by:YITAP     2020-07-23

tape wholesale in the high temperature tape, is now gradually becomes widespread in industry, so it has what good performance? Below small make up to introduce for everybody.

the first thing we learned is that high temperature adhesive tape is mainly used in electronic industrial USES, heat-resistant performance between 120 to 260 degrees, usually used to spray paint, leather processing, coating of the lacquer that bake cover and electronic parts fixed, printed circuit boards and heat treatment process in the shelter. Then, high temperature tape actually have high temperature teflon tape, high temperature textured paper tape, PET green high temperature tape, high temperature double-sided adhesive, such as types, including high temperature teflon tape has characteristics of high resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on.

we must choose good quality high temperature adhesive tape to use, otherwise the effect will not be, so for this knowledge is necessary to understand clearly.

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