What standards are followed during bopp packing tape production?
Please let us help if you have any questions about shipping from China, and hope we can work together to find the right logistics just for YOU. Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. understands that when it comes to shipping, you want your cargo delivery safe, on time, with competitive freight cost. About freight transportation, we are all in this and making each decision to help you and ourselves save or make money.
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Yichang has won the trust of markets, building up a high reputation. We are a professional manufacturer of double tape price. Yichang's electrical insulation tape series include multiple types. YITAP fluorescent duct tape is designed in a professional manner. The contour, proportions and decorative details are considered by both furniture designers and draftsmen who are both experts in this field. The product has a great soldering resistance. Yichang has first-class customer service awareness. The product has a favorably moderate thickness.
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our team adheres to the great fantasy of leading the growth of fiber tape business. Check now!

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