Who are main customers to YITAP?
You will find a variety of customer categories in YITAP that are not only from the local but also foreign countries and regions. Based on brand positioning and assessment, we have different channels to get our customers. By fully understanding the content of our customers' concerns and their diverse needs, we can accurately assess their needs and help them better save energy and time.

Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. is a reliable manufacturer. We have been involved in wire harness tape development and manufacture since for many years. Yichang's double side tape series contains multiple sub-products. The design of YITAP custom duct tape is carefully considered from the perspective of users. The product has fine high-temperature resistance. It is tested before supplying to patrons on numerous quality parameters. Its adhesive force will not die away after long-time use.

The next mission of Yichang is to improve blue painter tape. Check now!
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