Why carpet tape is produced by so many manufacturers?
Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. provides expert installation video to support you to install masking tape supplier. According to the customer's request, we can install it on site if necessary. But it is geographically restricted. We provide you with the most experienced support.
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Relying on excellence in making rubberized waterproof tape, Yichang is highly respected and identified by competitors in the market. double sided sticky tape produced by Yichang is very popular in the market. The product features sound absorption. It is capable of blocking airborne sound and its construction is ensured that there are no gaps and leaks. No residual viscose will be found on its applied surface after it is torn off. As a popular double side tape supplier, Yichang has excellent customer service. Strong solvent resistance of the product is one of its great advantages.
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our company provides customers with competitive prices and a stable source of raw materials. Inquire now!

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