Why do high temperature adhesive tape with good resistance to high temperature

by:YITAP     2020-07-24
In tape wholesale, high temperature adhesive tape is a kind of common types of adhesive tape. The special properties of the adhesive tape products in high temperature conditions can be normal use, has a good character. High temperature adhesive tape of degree can reach 120 ° Between 260 °, often used in paint, leather processing, coating covered and electronic parts of the lacquer that bake process in the fixed cover, printed circuit boards and heat treatment purposes. It resistant to high temperature is mainly due to its base material and glue and other adhesive tape, high temperature resistant materials in molecular structure is stable when heated, so the ability of high temperature. Each tape has its special performance, high temperature adhesive tape can be high temperature resistant, insulating tape can insulation, conductive adhesive tape can be conductive, they are all made of different base material and glue. Through the above introduction I believe you must have the product performance and characteristics of high temperature adhesive tape with different levels of understanding, we will provide you with the most generous tape wholesale service, we sincerely invite you to cooperation!
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