Why the tape glue

by:YITAP     2020-08-13

tape low wholesale prices, attracting a large number of consumers to choose. We in the use of adhesive tape, sometimes found residue phenomenon, this is what reason is caused? According to introducing, there are many reasons that cause tape of glue, one is the resistant adhesive tape, on the surface paint, high temperature oil spraying technology in the process, the temperature of the environment of high temperature change is big, the lacquer that bake treatment often requires high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes to the corresponding temperature, if the tape can not meet will appear incomplete glue; Followed by the tape of the quality problem of product itself, whether high temperature resistant adhesive tape in the process of coating production in strict accordance with the pressure sensitive adhesive baking heat curing, the data cure time is not enough or coated linear speed too fast, can lead to glue, bottom glue coating and substrate will not be able to composition. And tape after coating, semi-finished products should be let stand for 2 - 3 days, use Fang Kefu roll cutting, its purpose is to let the combination of glue and base material, glue cured under natural state, no side also can appear the residual gum.

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