Does flex steel tape have warranty period?
If you buy our flex steel tape , you also get warranty service, within a certain period. Different products come with different warranties. You can check it on the “Product” page on our website, or you could consult us. The warranty covers any defective parts due to poor workmanship or a manufacturer error. Within the warranty period, we offer return, replace, and repair services. Once the warranty expires, you have an option of taking on an extended warranty. It charges a certain amount of money, but affordable and worthy.

Known as a famous company that specializes in the production of fine line masking tape, Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. has gained a good market reputation. 3m rubber tape is one of Yichang's multiple product series. The raw materials of YITAP double sided tissue tape are procured from some of the most trustworthy and certified vendors in the industry. The product is offered with OEM and ODM service. Yichang has highly skilled technical engineers and well-trained sales staff. There will be no peeling issues with the product.

Yichang takes safety barricade tape roll as its overall strategies. Inquire!
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