Explain the use of the insulating tape

by:YITAP     2020-09-03
Power line installation is more and more complex, go under the wood floor, wall, diaphragm and damp underground or in the water. What will happen if improper use insulating tape, leakage, endanger personal safety. Below as the tape factory to introduce the use of insulating tape method for everyone. Insulating tape use undeserved, leakage will happen, endanger personal safety. So we should correct use of insulating tape, the power cord connection points '+' connection, '-', 'T' connection. Joint should be bound tightly, smooth and no burr, otherwise, before the thread broken, should press gently with combination pliers, first round to the inlet pressure, then side, thread will break in disconnect joint. If the joint in a dry place, should be with black tape wrapped around 2 insulation layer, then wrap plastic tape 2 layer, then stretched around 200%, with insulation adhesive belt around 2 ~ 3 layers, the last 2 layers of plastic adhesive tape. Above is introduced the relevant knowledge, our company adhering to the 'innovation, the pursuit of excellence, rapid improvement, sustainable management' business philosophy; And to 'quality is the first work', 'customer satisfaction is our honor as our forever quality policy.
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