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floor flex waterproof tape for sale for steps

floor flex waterproof tape for sale for steps

Floor flex waterproof tape for sale for steps

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Company Advantages
1. The production technology of YITAP rubberized waterproof tape is constantly updated. Thanks to the adoption of high technology, its packaging capacity is ensured. It offers several colors for customers' selection
2. Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. has formed a sound sales network, service system and quality management system. It has a superb elongation when confronting strong impact
3. The product is the protector of items. It can effectively protect the product from physical impacts such as hitting, wetting, and bruising. The product makes the paste operation become convenient
4. The product is a functional packaging that can help in repeating sales from the consumers. Its designs have a strong impact on consumers' purchase intention and can maximize the profitability of the item. Strong solvent resistance of the product is one of its great advantages
5. The product offers pretty colors, a logo and a short, enthusiastic description of the contents, which will greatly attract the attention of consumers in a few seconds. It works perfectly well for high-intensitive packaging

Butyl Waterproofing Membrane Rubber Adhesive Roofing Tape

What Benefits you can have from YITAP Tape ? 

  1. YITAP produce 3M Quality Tape with many equivalent code.

  2. Increasing your profit margin with 3M Quality tape but better price.

  3. Increasing your company reputation and occupy bigger market share.  

Product Description


What are the features of our Butyl Tape?

  1. High elongation, good flexibility

  2. Convenient construction, free cutting according to need, no need for open fire.

  3. It has strong self-healing property and excellent bonding performance

  4. Wide range of applications

  5. Can be combined with most materials, whether metal or ground.

  6. Excellent fire resistanc, waterproof and scratch resistance

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Super sticky

floor flex waterproof tape for sale for steps-2

Excellent scratch resistance

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What are the specification of our Butyl Tape?

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We have four kind of butyl tape:


A,PVC Film Butyl Tape

B,Rough Grain Aluminum Film Butyl Tape with non-woven

C,Aluminum Film Butyl Tape with Texture

D,Aluminum Film Butyl Tape,there are two other color:blue, green

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What are the Applications of our Butyl Tape?

Differ from other butyl putty tape, our white seam tape has long lifetime, gives an excellent seal for a long time. Installs quickly without gaps, just peel off the released film and apply the butyl sealant tape to anywhere needed.

  • Applicable to residential complexes, house repairs, crack repair, ship sealing, granary sealing, building expansion joints and other complex parts of the building, especially suitable for steel structure lap joint, sealing waterproof operation, can effectively prevent roof screws, fasteners, etc. Leakage due to expansion or vibration, etc.

  • It can be applied to the waterproofing works of roofing, basement, toilet, etc., and can be applied to various complicated environments such as paving of vertical wall and bridges (except heat pipes), especially for the waterproofing project of open flame and dark fire.

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Roof repair(Big size)   floor flex waterproof tape for sale for steps-7


floor flex waterproof tape for sale for steps-8

Packaging & Shipping



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Company Features
1. Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. offers customers with professional production and product design. Our company has complete manufacturing teams. They are able to offer a wide spectrum of services including customer services, product enhancement, package and test development, and quality and reliability issues.
2. Our works premises are equipped with advanced facilities for the production of flex waterproof tape. We have a quality system which complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the standards which apply to the industry.
3. We have dynamic and professional cadres. They keep up with the latest technologies and product trends, and even set trends with their in-depth industry knowledge and innovative approach. rubberized waterproof tape has long been a business tenet of Yichang Adhesive New Material Co.,Ltd. . Ask online!
The quality of YITAP flex waterproof tape can be guaranteed by its hygienic license issued by the Health Supervision Department. Both its physical and chemical filtration systems are in line with the standards required in the pure drinking water. The product is embraced with the desired clarity
YITAP rubberized waterproof tape is professionally designed. The design is conducted by a team of talents who think about the design versatility of a wide variety of acoustical and decorative face constructions. Undergoing some type of treatment, the product becomes stable enough for cutting
YITAP rubberized waterproof tape is produced under up-to-date technology. From the textile fiber screening to the quality inspection stage, nanotechnology, supercritical fluid extraction technology, and plasma technology are applied. It is suitable to be worn every day
YITAP flex waterproof tape is produced based on strict requirements. It is processed in a clean and dustless plant, and the static and rotating rings are guaranteed to be treated with no impurities. The product comes with diverse tones, the depth of color
YITAP flex waterproof tape has achieved a safety certification. It has passed an electrical safety tests which includes the high voltage test, leakage current test, insulation resistance test, and ground continuity test. The energy of the product can neutralize the energetic blockages that cause poor health
This product comes with the expected air permeability for wearing comfort. The proper weight, thickness, and porosity of its fabric contribute to this property. The product is embraced with the desired clarity
The product has a high energy conversion capacity. It consumes only little energy to power itself as efficiently as possible. The excellent cutting workmanship maximizes the most even color and great overall symmetry and proportion
The product features safe operations. It has a reliable electrical system that meets the requirements of IEC general standards and it will not pose any electrical hazard. The product is perfect for daily adornment
The product runs stably and reliably. It is not prone to the effects of sudden surges, susceptibility driven, gaps, interruptions, and voltage variations. Undergoing some type of treatment, the product becomes stable enough for cutting
This mineral product is a homogeneous body. Its atoms in the atomic structure are highly orderly arranged as a result of crystallization. The product can be hand polished to achieve a higher luster
Ensuring that the image projected on it is flat and clearly visible from multiple angles, it is one of the best portable project screens on the list. The product can be fabricated into nearly any shape
The versatility offered by this projector screen is impressive, and one can use it for education, presentation, business purpose, and home entertainment. The rarity of its materials endows itself uniqueness and unparalleled value and increases people’s desire to possess it
The product is used in a variety of industries. It greatly relieves labor intensity, relieves people from dangerous work, and improves productivity. The energy of the product can neutralize the energetic blockages that cause poor health
Using this product would be a great way to reduce carbon footprint. It can significantly reduce emissions contribution due to its low energy consumption. The product is regarded as a talisman of luck, success, and ambition
People will find that it has a wide range of applications in our daily life. They can find it exists in fields such as telecommunication, navigation, national defenses, etc. The product has a high collection value
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