For tape storage transport

by:YITAP     2020-08-28

tape factory here tell us that only reasonable storage transportation belt, can play to the value of the tape, then at the time of storage transportation should pay attention to what?

note that may not be the different specifications, the strength of varieties, and the layers of cloth tape mix, warehouse, should I put in storage and avoid tape. If you are using, they found traces of adhesive tape has been damaged, to find the reason and repair in time. In order to make the adhesive tape to avoid fracture, if the tape in production to maintain good cleanliness. And at the time of loading and unloading conveyer belt, in order to avoid make belt edge damaged, will need to use the crane, such ability can guarantee tape manufacturer production of tape is not damaged.

this is introduced the relevant knowledge, so only good will tape storage, to favour after its use, it is need to be aware of.

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