How to prevent the linyi tape fracture

by:YITAP     2020-08-22

in order to avoid tape appear rupture, what measures should be taken to avoid? The below is from the tape factory.

at the time of unpacking, pay attention to not directly from the center to open with a knife, from both ends open, cannot too deep under the knife, carton thickness is very thin, the knife is too hard, will be cut to touch the above packaging tape, it have a little scar, the whole volume is discarded, she was broken, that is to say, to avoid the tip or sharp objects in contact with the tape. In the process of using, colloid cannot have sharp things like touch, still more fragile because tape, try not to damage.

we also need to understand is that in the process of the use of adhesive tape, also is regular, if always break from one place, the roll of duct tape has a damage.
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