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How about the market prospect of adhesive tape?


The Adhesive Tape industry is a technology industry that continues ancient fine chemical technology and gradually applies technological transformation. Under the coVID-19 epidemic, the Adhesive Tape industry is more or less affected. However, Yichang Adhesive Tape believes that, with continuous improvement, the market prospect of current Adhesive Tape will be better and better.

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The market prospect of adhesive tapes

The adhesive tapes are extended from the medical adhesive tapes, which are divided into six series: packaging adhesive tapes, trademark paper adhesive tapes, special adhesive tapes, high temperature resistant adhesive tapes, and computer spraying adhesive tapes. The product application field is wide, the base of food, medicine, health materials, hairdressing health care products, 5 items, stationery, office equipment, photographic equipment, advertising, printing, paper making, shoes and textiles, leaping extends to high-tech industries such as electronics, electrical, communications equipment, oil industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, and is widely used in the field of aerospace industry and other industries. Representative from all walks of life to adhesive tape products such as daily use transparent BOPP packing tape, PVC electrical insulating tape, stationery and office supplies of correction tape (white substitutes), computer color printing paper and visible signs cleaves PVC label series adhesive tape, PVC bus body stick adhesive tapes, computer print advertising supplies, light box advertising back burner series products, highway signs (provincial highway) reflective glass beads adhesive tape, And hidden behind in the technology industry products such as electronic components, semiconductor, printed circuit boards, computer peripheral manufacturing of high temperature resistant wheat adhesive tape, high temperature resistant PET composite adhesive tape, high temperature resistant acetate cloth tape, high temperature resistant crepe paper series adhesive tape, high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth adhesive tape, teflon glass fiber cloth, and the popularity of digital technology waterproof glossy paper products. According to incomplete statistics, the annual demand for all kinds of adhesive tapes in China is about to exceed 100 billion yuan, accounting for the ratio of national total production value. The only pity is that this industry is often neglected and the cultivation and development of its professional technology is also seriously lacking, which results in the industrial structure being only maintained at the low level and the product development with fierce competition, and also causes the high-tech and high-benefit adhesive tape products to be monopolized by foreign enterprises or imported products!

In fact, the existence of this status quo is a global common problem. The main factor is that it belongs to relatively partial and unique proprietary technology in the field of fine chemical technology. If it is not experienced in the actual research and development and production of this professional technical products, it is really difficult to realize that the gap between the permutation and combination technology of product structure and the production and processing technology of mature products would be so far away! Especially in "special adhesive tape and high temperature resistant series adhesive tape", the combination technology of pressure-sensitive adhesive and medium surface treatment, although its hidden technical content is so simple, but before the technology is disclosed, it absolutely belongs to the deep and mysterious and difficult to explore technology! Therefore, the brittle situation of the domestic adhesive tape market can only tend to the development of general adhesive tape products or low price products.

"Scientific way as the basis of product research and development, combined with the needs of practical production technology measures for production and processing conditions" is the high-tech, high-benefit adhesive tape product research and development, and the basic conditions for processing and manufacturing. For the basis of product development, the scientific way emphasized here is not the advanced requirement of equipment and instruments alone, so as to obtain the most precise and stable product quality. However, the scientific concept of technical measures and technical personnel is the most important technical key to product development and manufacturing. Give examples; For the BOPP packaging tape high transparency and whiteness quality maintenance measures, the former (refers to the transparency) should pay attention to the coating process of high speed, high temperature crosslinking measures to enhance the quality of products, but also can improve the production efficiency. The latter (white) for the reaction of acrylate emulsion polymerization process on the strengthening of conversion, if the formulation process containing vinyl acetate monomer, should be the appropriate increase reaction speed (10 ~ 15%), to strengthen the residual monomer polymerization of monomer conversion and treatment measures, but not mandatory white block to add depth to the maintenance of whiteness. In the face of petrochemical product cost rising in the modern environment, acrylic various monomer costs have soared above 80 ~ 100%, a record high, has seriously affected the cost of production and development of the adhesive tape industry, especially for nissan 30 ~ 100 tons of emulsion acrylic adhesive manufacturers biggest influence (more a month increase cost is RMB 700 ~ 24 million), causing the industry actively in all kinds of products, to seek cost restraint or compression, and are taking vinyl acetate monomer in the modification and application of acrylic adhesive.

Although this technical measure has the superior cost structure idea, but because vinyl acetate belongs to the hard monomer, in the reaction polymerization easy to appear gel, peculiar smell (odor) or yellowing defects. To overcome the above technical barriers, and if the right amount ground USES the regulation of octyl acrylate and acrylic hydroxyl ethyl ester (functional monomer) crosslinking effect, believe that the modified emulsion of vinyl acetate monomer with BOPP adhesive label paper series pressure sensitive adhesive preparation technology has a lot of help, at the same time, saving the cost of 1500 ~ 2000 yuan/ton (save l35 ~ 6 million yuan/month).

As for the special adhesive tape and high temperature resistant adhesive tape series product technology in the development of the domestic situation and the existing technical barriers, the most main is restricted in the application of medium and surface treatment of medium and high temperature resistant adhesive formula developed technology is difficult to break through, and lead to nearly 30 billion (RMB/year) of the product market is almost 80% lost to foreign companies or imported products, Such as glass beads reflective membrane adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, single and double face no medium foam adhesive tape (electronic components, communications equipment and automotive industry), acrylic foam double-sided adhesive tape, glass fiber cloth tape, acetate cloth tape, high temperature resistant crepe paper tape, polyimide tape, printed circuit board composite adhesive tape products such as "almost belong to domestic blank" products. At this moment, network advantages should be used to comprehensively search the supply channels or manufacturers of various special media (such as special film, corrugated paper, acetate cloth, acrylic foam, electronic cross-linked foam, conductive cloth, insulating metal foil) for careful analysis and experiment. The surface treatment technology of the medium should belong to the seam filling or bottom adhesive treatment technology, and the suitable seam filling agent, bottom adhesive, release agent or composite adhesive should be applied step by step. Finally, according to the requirements of the "adhesivity or characteristics" of the product, the eligible adhesives are screened and made into special adhesive tapes or high temperature resistant adhesive tapes.

At present, many people in the market are using 3M double-sided tape and 3M tape, because of its wide use, convenient and fast become the best helper for consumers.

Products are widely used in electronics, IT, communications, electrical appliances, home appliances, construction, printing, aviation, SMT, automotive manufacturing and other fields, if the need for adhesive fixation, electrical insulation, high temperature shielding, waterproof sealing, light and sound insulation, vibration absorption buffer, electromagnetic shielding, conductive and thermal conductive 3M tape can be solved. Generally, the materials included in 3M tapes are stable and detailed in order not to mislead consumers. Now let's summarize our 3M tape knowledge as follows:

3M material: PET material, no substrate, foam, non-woven cloth, hot melt adhesive.

Classification of 3M double-sided adhesive tape:

1. According to characteristics, it is divided into: double-sided adhesive and single-sided adhesive;

2. According to the substrate, it can be divided into: non-woven cloth substrate double-sided adhesive (composed of non-woven cloth substrate double-sided coating acrylic adhesive), such as 3M9448, 3M9080, 3M9075, etc.;

No substrate double-sided adhesive (directly coated with acrylic adhesive) : 3M467, 3M468, 3M9473, etc.

PET substrate double-sided adhesive (composed of PET substrate double-sided coated acrylic adhesive) : 3M9495MP, 3M9795B, 3M9495LE, etc.

Foam base material double-sided adhesive (composed of foam base material double-sided coated acrylic adhesive) : such as 3M4920, 3M4026, 3M4032, etc.

Hot melt film: 3M615, 3M668, 3M669, etc.

High temperature resistant tape: such as 3M244;

Aluminum foil tape: such as 3M425;

Duct tape: 3M3939, etc.

Insulating tape: such as 3M23;

Waterproof insulating tape: 3M2228, etc.

Today, adhesive tapes come in thousands of specifications and are used in various fields, including double-sided tapes, labels, VHB duct tapes, masking tapes, heat-conducting tapes, fiber tapes, aluminum foil tapes and other special single-sided tapes.

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