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Is adhesive tape poisonous?


Many friends have raised such a question: Is adhesive tape poisonous? As the adhesive tape is a adhesive tape product that we often use, when we use it to seal the box, we sometimes bite it off with our mouth, so we are very concerned about whether the adhesive tape is toxic. Today's solution to your question is the Yichang adhesive tape supplier.

Is adhesive tape poisonous?

As we know, adhesive tape is a combination of adhesive and thin film, and the film to some extent is also after chemical experiments, which contains a variety of chemicals. Adhesives, not to mention, are made from synthetic rubber, itself a toxic substance that is often used to harm the body.


It has been reported that adhesive tape is poisonous, especially when it is used in food. It does great harm to people's health. When we put the adhesive tape on the fire for burning, we can smell a very smelly smell. This is because the chemicals in the adhesive tapes are burning, and the burning gas will have an impact on human body after inhalation.


Is adhesive tape toxic in this case? We can say that the adhesive tape usually do not bite off the mouth, under normal circumstances it is non-toxic, but like the use of adhesive tape binding vegetables that is toxic, because the into the vegetable will stick to the vegetable, the vegetable for human consumption, indirect consumption of the adhesive of the adhesive tape, from this aspect only the adhesive tape is toxic.

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What should I pay attention to when using adhesive tape?

Before the adhesive, to fully remove the dirt, dust, oil, water, etc. on the adhesive to paste, if not removed, adhesive tape with dirt, dust, oil, water, etc. can not be used. It can be said that the viscosity of the adhesive tape is one-time, avoid repeated paste, paste, need to stand for a period of time. Adhesive tape should avoid directly sticking to the human body, concave and convex surface, rough surface, no good to the human body, and the rough surface can not make the adhesive tape play its performance.


In addition, when saving the adhesive tape, we should avoid direct sunlight and heat source and put it in a cool place. The high temperature will deform the carrier of the adhesive tape and make the glue lose its activity, which will affect our use.


How does the glue of adhesive tape remove


Turpentine: This is the liquid that you use to paint. We can use a paper towel to stick some liquid wash in the offset area to wipe, after a while can remove.


2. New and old adhesive tape: This is how new adhesive tape is used to tape down the old adhesive tape. This method is often very practical.


3. Eraser: This is the most commonly used and easiest way to think of. Of course, when you first use an eraser, it becomes very black.


4. Expired skin care products: Because they contain chemicals, these are useful for removing adhesive tape.


A mixture of soap and ammonia and turpentine is also very effective.


6, letter sodium water, paint thinner can remove the adhesive tape.


7, hair dryer: this method is also commonly used, using the principle of heating glue to make it easier to fall off.


Nail polish remover can also remove the adhesive tape offset printing.


Effect of adhesive tape


1. drilling,


When you drill holes in the wall, you often have trouble controlling the depth of the hole. Just measure the length with a nail and stick a piece of adhesive tape on the punching machine.


2. Control the amount of seasoning


When cooking, using a spoon to scoop salt and cornstarch is always difficult to control the amount, teach you a method, paste a piece of adhesive paper in the bottle mouth, gently scrape, exactly a teaspoon.


3. Remove hair from clothes and hats


Clothes and hats at home will inevitably stick to your hair, wrapping your hands in adhesive tape, and the hair on your clothes will easily stick to it.


4. Wear a bracelet


Do you always have trouble putting on your own bracelet? Here's a tip: adhesive tape it to one side so you can easily snap it on.


5. Make stickers


When you see a pattern you like, print it out, paste it in clear plastic, then force the surface to scratch with a spoon, cut it, soak it in water, then wipe it clean and paste it on the cup.


6. Clean fingerprints and stains on the keyboard


First remove a piece of adhesive tape, then attach it to the keyboard, then gently press a button from the keyboard with your hand, and finally tear open the adhesive tape. By doing this many times, you can easily remove dirt from the keyboard surface.


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