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Is the packing tape expensive?


Packing tape has become an indispensable product in packaging, many domestic packing tape manufacturers produce and sell the quality of packing tape is not uniform. Is the packing tape expensive?

Price of packing tape

There are many types of packing tape. The most common are printed sealant tape and beige sealant tape, transparent sealant tape. There are now common kraft paper tapes for sealing. Of course, different tapes have different prices in high and low seasons. The price is different again.


The price of packing tape is as follows:


The reference price is 4.3 yuan for color PVC of transparent packing tape sticker


2. Color TWO-DIMENSIONAL code stickers of opposite sex sealing paste leather PVC gold silver transparent tape sealing price 1.00 yuan


Packing tape LOGO tape trademark printing PVC self-adhesive label electrostatic film sticker reference price 1.00 yuan


The above prices are from the Internet for reference only. Specific price to be purchased.

 packing tape price

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Packing tape product advantages


1. Thin: The packing tape will not leave thick margin deposits.


2. Cracking resistance: The packing tape will not crack.


3. Repair ability: can adhere to the work piece as you wish, even with very little pressure.


4. Easy to tear: it is easy to tear off the tape, without stretching and dragging the tape.


5. Controlled deployment: The packing tape can be pulled in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.


6. Flexibility: packing tape can easily adapt to sharp curved shapes.


7. Smoothness: The packing tape feels smooth and will not stimulate the hands when pressed;


8. Anti-transfer: No adhesive is left after removing the packing tape.


How to distinguish the good and bad tape?


Packing tape is divided according to its stickability: single-sided tape and double-sided tape; The second is to look at the color and brightness, inferior packing tape color is dark, dark this kind of packing tape breaking probability is very high, generally good quality packing tape color white the better, the less impurities in the packing tape, high transparency tape quality is relatively better. The appearance and smell are recognized, pull open a roll of packing tape, to see whether its film thickness is soft, we may think that the harder the better the tape film, in fact, on the contrary, the harder the packing tape is more likely to break, the soft film packing tape with hand elongation better.


If there is a sour smell, the packing tape does not hold well. In cold weather in winter, the tape will become brittle and crack on the surface, causing it to break when pulled. The glue on the tape will dry over time and lose its stickiness.


The difference between synthetic rubber duct tape and natural rubber duct tape


The difference is that they are made of different materials. One is natural, natural rubber tape mainly comes from the rubber tree, when the epidermis of this rubber tree is cut, it will flow out the milky juice called latex, latex after coagulation, washing, shaping, drying to get natural rubber. The other is synthesis, synthetic rubber tape is made by artificial synthesis method, using different raw materials (monomers) can be synthesized into different types of rubber. Of course, besides the above differences, what are the differences between them?


There are three main differences between synthetic rubber tape and natural rubber tape:


1. International standards of packing tape are different: natural rubber duct tape can generally meet international environmental protection certification. Comply with EU ROHS directive standard. It can meet the international standard of environmental protection. However, synthetic rubber duct tape can not meet the international environmental requirements.


2, smell packing taped taste: users can WenBuJi tape glue taste, the taste of two kinds of adhesive tape there is obvious difference. The surface of the natural rubber buckytape has the smell of natural rubber, while the synthetic rubber buckytape has no smell of natural rubber.


3. Use fire packing tape: the user can also put the two tapes into a close range and set fire to the two kinds of duct tape with a lighter to find the difference between them. When synthetic rubber duct tape burns, boiling glue melts, whereas natural rubber does not.


The development trend of packing tape in recent years


Packing tape has developed very well in Europe and the United States. The Asia-Pacific region, and China in particular, is still developing, growing at 8 per cent a year. The market continues to expand and competitiveness continues to improve.


In addition, many foreign carton packing tape companies have set up offices in China, or even directly set up factories in China for production. This is very competitive for Chinese companies. The price of oil, the raw material for packing tape, is also rising. Therefore, in addition to continuous efforts in raw materials, it is necessary to constantly update and innovate technology. First of all, the materials used in packing tape manufacturers must be environmentally friendly. This is the basic requirement of every country. We Chinese used to trade the environment for economic development. Now we all know how much money has been spent and our environment has not recovered.


Therefore, the packing tape products produced by enterprises must be environmentally friendly, otherwise there will be a foothold. The technical content of packing tape needs to be improved. Technical innovation and performance improvement is the development direction of adhesive industry. Packing Tape Manufacturer will also adjust to a high-tech content, focusing on improving the performance of acrylic solvent-based adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, epoxy adhesives, optical photosensitive adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives and silicone. The pace of product upgrading has accelerated. With the steady development of the international adhesive market, the speed of technological innovation is faster and faster. The emergence of new technologies and products will promote the continuous upgrading of adhesive industry and expand its application fields. We also have high quality requirements for our packing tape products. In an increasingly competitive industry, it is not just those with the technology who can compete. And excellent quality. With the continuous development of the sealing-tape industry, the product quality is also very high. Product quality is also an indispensable part of competition.

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