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What problems should be paid attention to in the custom masking tape?


Masking tape is a roll of adhesive tape made from masking tape and pressure-sensitive glue by coating pressure-sensitive adhesive on masking tape and on the other side to prevent the material from sticking. Masking tape has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, excellent chemical solvent resistance, high adhesion, soft adhesive and no residual glue after tearing. Therefore, many people who want to know what kind of problems they need to pay attention to. The following is the important matters that need to be paid attention to by the custom masking tape by Yichang masking tape supplier.

The key points of custom masking tape

1. Color selection: The transparent bottom and the marked print tape have lower cost and higher viscosity than the color bottom, because the color base needs to add color paste, which affects the viscosity to a certain extent.


In terms of cost comparison, transparent bottom and beige bottom have the lowest prices, followed by white, and other colors such as black, red and blue have the highest prices.


2. About the printing fee: for the first time to make masking tape and box sealing tapes, each masking tape supplier will charge the printing plate fee, because you need to make the printing copper plate for the first time, one version for one color and two versions for two colors. There is a charge for two versions.


3. Proofing: Since the production process and time of the production rolls and batches of masking tapes are the same, the proofing of printing and sealing tapes cannot be done. Only electronic drawings can be provided to confirm the print content and color. As for the quality problem, the customer will confirm the custom masking tape from other customers.


4. About the minimum order quantity: Some friends worry about the quality problem or the demand is not very big, so they want to try more than ten rolls. This can't be helped, because the minimum order quantity of custom meimo paper tape is semi-finished products, so it is impossible to customize a small batch.

 custom masking tape

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Masking tape edge warping reason


1. Glue viscosity is too weak: should choose the appropriate glue material;


2. Insufficient pressure on labeling machine: reasons and solutions as above;


3. Label surface material: When selecting label surface material, it should consider whether the label object is a plane or a surface, whether it is a large diameter or a small diameter, whether it is a single surface or a sphere, whether it is a rigid body or compressible deformation. These indicators are the same as the selection of surface material. There is a direct relationship. Soft bottles shall be made of soft materials such as PE, PVC, unstretched PP and PE and PP synthetic materials. PET, BOPP and PS materials can be considered for hard bottles.


4. Poor adhesive selection: When choosing a self-adhesive, first determine whether the adhesive required for the self-adhesive label is permanent or removable, whether it is adhesive or repeatable. And whether the product has special requirements on the chemical properties of dry adhesive labels. For example, on large surfaces, the surface material should not be of thick or hard paper material (such as mirror coated paper). Thin films or soft paper materials and adhesives with higher initial viscosity; For containers that require hot filling, the adhesive surface material should be selected from a thin film material with a good initial viscosity


5. Poor film tension control: When the correct film label is removed from the backing paper, it will be flat and will not curl. After the tag, the tag can keep good follow; Tension too tight label from the bottom paper. After removal, the label is reversed, resulting in the edge of the label being degummed and warped after labeling.


6. Unreasonable design of bottle shape: A reasonable design should be that the surface of the bottle is flat (mainly flat and round), but if the surface is partially spherical within the label range, use a paper label. When labeling, the label area is large, and the bottom and back sides of the label are easy to wrinkle.


These six reasons are growing. In order to make the paper tape more effective, we must prevent the appearance of the above six, the most important is the viscosity of the glue. We have to choose at the time of purchase. The quality is good, so the service life is long.


The choice of beautiful masking tape skills


1. Appearance color


When selecting masking tape, we can observe the color of the appearance of masking tape. The appearance color of a good mei-masking tape should be uniform in color and not be mixed with color. Good paper tape its temperature resistance and solvent resistance is very good, so its paper has a certain anti-permeability and flexibility.


2. Product performance


After looking at the appearance of the paper tape, the next step is to look at the tensile properties and tensile strength of the paper tape.


How to do it: We can hold the paper tape in one hand and pull the other part with the other hand. We can start by tearing off a piece of masking tape. Then pull hard at the piece to see if it will break. As we all know, good masking tape has tensile properties and will not be easily broken. If it is broken at once, it is certain that the quality of this masking tape is not very good.


3. The viscous


Good masking tape its stickiness is very good. We can shake it off when we unwrap it. Good mei-embouchure tape doesn't roll right away. We can also put the masking tape on the surface of an object and pull it open quickly. After repeated several times, we can see how sticky the tape is. See if the viscosity changes.


These may be a little too conceptual, the customer in the specific choice according to their own application scenario and technical requirements.


Yichang masking tape supplier have many years of experience in custom masking tape .We also have experience in providing samples of various masking tapes' specifications.

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